Goslyn grease interceptor. Goslyn grease recovery device. These are the top solutions for your kitchen

  • Many restaurant operators and foodservice providers from large chains to individual operations have become enthusiastic users of Goslyn™ fully automatic grease interceptors (otherwise known as Goslyn grease recovery devices).
  • No pump outs  deliver regular cost savings  and also reduce the environmental impact of waste disposal.
  • The FOG recovered by the Goslyn has positive cash value as a feedstock for biodiesel production.
  • No more blocked piping that is expensive to clear or FOG that run-off and can become an environmental hazard.
  • We know the there is nothing as good a peer review and we are pleased to show some of our satisfied clients as well as endorsements by industry consultants.
  • If your foodservice operation is not yet a Goslyn™ user, then take a moment to review the following testimonials.  It may not be be long before Goslyn  can add your organization to our ever expanding customer list.