• The Goslyn™ fully automatic grease interceptor otherwise known as the Goslyn™ grease recovery device (GRD) operates under hydrostatic pressure and has no moving parts to break down and replace.
  • Construction is from grade 304 stainless steel so an extremely long service life can be expected.
  • Goslyn™ devices are specifically engineered to thoroughly collect and remove any solid debris down to 1/16th inch that may bypass ‘sink’ strainers. It is typically these stray solids, mixing with fats, oils and grease that congeal to create costly drain blockages.
  • Proven in thousands of foodservice applications across Canada and worldwide, the  Goslyn™ employs an innovative multi-stage, patented technology to continuously and permanently remove Fats, Oils & Greases (FOG) from waste effluent.
  • Its up to 99.6% efficiency rate keeps drains free and clear, while eliminating the need for costly dousing systems and grease trap pumping.
  • It can capably handle flow rates over 500 gpm.( suitably sized industrial scale units are scaled up versions of the same technology found in the smallest Goslyn™ devices.
  • Extremely user friendly, the  Goslyn™ has  no messy grease traps to clean.
  • Simply empty the oil cassette when full and easily clean out the solids strainer basket and oil valve at the end of the day. Flushing out accumulated silts using the flush valve is also easy to do at this time. Less than 2 minutes a day is all it takes to keep your drains free and clear!
  • Goslyn™ Grease Recovery Technology constantly and automatically removes Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) from the separation tank so there is no build-up of retained FOG as is the case for traditional grease traps. This important feature enables Goslyn™ Separators to constantly maintain a high rate of operating efficiency.