Canada Installation Manual

Goslyn™ fully automatic grease interceptors are extremely easy to install. We recommend that restaurants use their regular plumber who will be familiar with the pipe work layout of the wash pit area and also the relevant plumbing codes. To obtain further assistance please call the numbers listed on our “Contact”page.

Goslyn™ fully automatic grease interceptors have been engineered to be extremely installation flexible, for example, offering installers several options for situating the separator based on the configuration of the equipment it is connected to, power sources, discharge piping and other installation considerations.

In all cases, installation of a Goslyn™  must comply with all applicable city bylaws and provincial/federal plumbing codes. Should you hire an outside installer to handle the installation, be sure the person or company has proven experience installing equipment in foodservice/food preparation facility.

This easy to follow illustrated Installation guide is included with each new separator, as well as being available online:

pdf-50Goslyn SERVING CANADA Installation Instructions Revised August 2014