Foodservice Chains

CARA  Restaurant Group

CARA Restaurant Group illustrate one very good example of a Nationwide Foodservice Corporation adopting Goslyn™ fully automatic grease interceptors in place of the traditional passive trap methods of FOG control. 

Cara GroupCARA  are well known and admired in the Canadian hospitality Industry. The brands include Milestones, Harvey’s, Montana’s, Swiss Chalet, Bier Market, Fion’s.


In 2011 CARA executives were becoming very dissatisfied with their current FOG management systems.Added to the problems was the fact that City Sewer Departments were moving to a proactive position in controlling FOG discharges using inspections and regular effluent testing . Some cities war already surcharging, levying fines and issuing “fix it” notices”. 

Having little choice but to rely on passive grease traps in the past and recognizing the inherent problems, disadvantages and in the future, the negative financial impacts that are familiar to all restaurant kitchen operators, CARA were looking to see if any thing better was available. 


The Goslyn™ team were contacted and asked to submit information for appraisal by the CARA and their Consultants, Inviro Engineered Systems Ltd. Following the positive results of these assessments Goslyn™ units were installed on a trial basis in carefully chosen locations where problems had been identified to see if real life in service results would be as good  as hoped for. 

Solution found

The extremely positive results experienced in these trial locations convinced CARA to instruct their Architects and Engineers, in charge of  renovations and new build projects all across Canada, that  Goslyn™ fully automatic grease interceptors were to be listed as the specified method of FOG management in the waste water discharges. 


The initial roll – out of Goslyn™ installations commenced in 2012 and was initially limited within Ontario as this province contained the largest concentration of CARA restaurants.
Consistent positive feedback from the individual restaurant operators led to the roll-out being extended throughout Canada. Goslyn™ installations continue to generate benefits both in terms of initial installation costs (compared to large passive in-ground traps) and ongoing revenue savings. The costs and disruptions associated with passive trap pump-out activities are avoided and further benefits include  better staff moral  with a work environment free from the nauseous smells of passive grease trap systems.