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Most provinces and cities have observed the problems associated with the use of aggressive floor cleaning chemicals which will clean not only the floor but also the drain line from the slop sink or the floor drain when the spent floor wash water is poured away. In these jurisdictions the floor drains are being increasingly routed direct to the sewer line and so there is no need to either incorporate an in-ground trap in a new build or in the case of a rot out to replace with like. This makes good sense when consideration is given to the mandate “Not to dose grease traps with chemicals, enzymes or other additives designed to break down FOG to form temporary emulsions”.It is generally accepted that over 90% of the FOG generated in a kitchen environment is in the wash pit areas this is the place to contrite the FOG management efforts. 

In these cases it is a great option to install a high efficient Goslyn™ fully automatic grease interceptor (Grease Recovery Device)  and say goodbye to regular and costly pump outs, poorly sealed stinky grease trap lids and general unpleasantness not to mention the need to keep records proving a responsible paper trail in the disposal of pump out materials. With it industry leading ability to capture and remove FOG from the waste water stream at around 95% and above Goslyn™ is far superior to a traditional passive trap which need only be 80% efficient to pass Code and in many real life situations falls far short of its target. 

Permanent fix for a rotted out  in-ground trap 

 Trap full                                                

Here is a typical in-ground passive grease trap.                                                   
When the  lid is removed the contents look and smell disgusting.

trap empty

The trap is pumped and cleaned out thoroughly. The rot out condition is easily seen at this stage but contaminated effluent has been leaking out into the subsoil for a good while.
If the trap is in reasonable condition it may be  filled with compacted sand. If it is really badly corroded it may be advisable to use a concrete mix in the base to prevent ground water from entering. In both cases the trap is filled to the level of the inlet and outlet.

Bypass piping


 A suitably sized length of new drain pipe is sleeved into place between the original inlet and
 outlet connections so the drain line is now running straight through the old redundant trap.
 The new pipe is surrounded by sand as a cushion against any future settlement. 


Next, finish backfilling with concrete to the floor level or to take a floor finish as preferred. In certain cases if preferred the original lid may be replaced and well sealed in place  to prevent floor washing products from seeping under the lid and becoming septic. This also prevents making a home for drain flies, cockroaches etc. 


Finally Goslyn pic

The equipment in the dish pit area including the dishwasher is connected to one or more Goslyn™ fully automatic grease interceptors set above ground close by the equipment. Easy to maintain and automatically activated by effluent flows there is no moving parts to fail.
The stainless construction is proof against future failure  and will continue to give great service well into the future. (see warranty

Result- Future happiness for owners and employees together with ongoing savings in costs. 

City Discharge regulations can be complied with at last.