What is a Goslyn™?

The Goslyn™ fully automatic grease interceptor . It belongs to a class of interceptors known as Grease Recovery Devices because it transfers collected FOG to a separate container. This enables it  to maintain maximum efficiency at all times. Goslyn™  also features a solids capture basket at the inlet  separates out solids from  waste water. It is designed for food processing & preparation, and other applications that generate Fats, Oils, Grease & Solids (FOGS). The patented operating technology of Goslyn™ interceptors virtually eliminate FOGS in waste water effluent. There are no moving parts to break and no messy, time-consuming grease traps to clean. Plus…it’s small footprint makes it easy to install in even the smallest  kitchens.

Seeing the remarkable Goslyn™  in action will provide you with a true sense of its compact “install anywhere” footprint, ingenious design and highly efficient operation.